The Edge Archive: 2008-2009

Here is an archive of all the back issues we have for these years. Some of the information is dated, but some remains useful. 

The Edge- 21 April 2010- Strategic Blogging, New Publishing Expert, and more

The Edge- 28 July 2009- Ghostwriting Teleclass and 5 Ways to Avoid Being Your Client’s Most Hated Supplier/Service Provider

The Edge- 08 July 2009- Tracking Website and Blog Stats: What it Means to You

The Edge- 12 May 2009- The Edge: Voice Mail for Business-Building; New Benefit & New Expert

The Edge- 8 April 2009- Coping with a Difficult Client or Boss

The Edge- 23 March 2009- Website Basics

The Edge- 11 March 2009- How to Strategically Use Writing Contests to Build Your Business

The Edge- 23 February 2009 – Article Marketing and Words Matter Week News

The Edge- 10 February 2009 – Freelance Advantages, Member of the Month Michelle Hill, and Survey Results

The Edge – 27 January 2009 – Good records can increase profits!

The Edge- 13 January 2009 – SWOT Analysis, Writer/Editor Survey, and more

The Edge- 09 December 08 – How to Quote a Copyediting Job

The Edge- 25 November 2008 – Free PDF Generator and How to Use Networking

The Edge- 16 September 08 – Member of the Month: Connie Schenkelberg; Are You More Or Less Effective Than You Were A Year Ago?

The Edge- 27 August 2008 – Client Attraction and Plain Language

The Edge- 5 August 2008 – Member of the Month Troy Howell and Planning Ahead to Avoid a “Sales Siesta”

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